Web design & digital marketing

Web design

Website development, redesign, and maintenance using the most frequently used CMS system. CMS is a content management system. Eliminates or significantly lowers the expense of website maintenance. High technical standards and flexible design. We comply to all modern UI/UX design quality standards.

Development of websites

Using the WordPress CMS for development. Every third website in the world is created in this CMS. At your request, we can also provide specialized solutions.

Website redesign

In addition to the visually attractive appearance of the website, the redesign also includes the addition of new useful options in accordance with all your needs.

Website maintenance

A service for clients who do not have the time or knowledge for self-maintenance. Technical website maintenance and content updating.

Translation of web pages

All types of translation of the language combination Croatian - English and vice versa. Website content translation service.

Domain registration

We help you choose a domain registration. The choice of domain is in accordance with your wishes and brand. The desired domain name must be free.

Website hosting

Hosting the created website on a fast and secure server. Your website is protected by SSL protocol. The SSL protocol significantly affects SEO.

We provide client-focused web design and development services that help online businesses improve their SEO and UX

Digital marketing

The smartest way to invest is advertising on the Internet! Digital marketing includes all activities of promoting your business and the products and services you offer through digital channels such as websites, social networks, e-mail, paid ads on search engines, display advertising, native advertising and SEO, i.e. optimization for search engines.

SEO optimization

High position of your website on the Google search engine with professional On-Page and Off-Page SEO optimization.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is a free Google tool that generates detailed statistics about a website. It is an essential tool that helps you understand how visitors behave on your website and what results your website achieves.


The most important component of any website is its content. Copywriting is the art of strategically composing text with the aim of encouraging users to take action, i.e. to buy.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads management and optimization. Increase sales and profits with finely targeted Facebook ads.

Instagram Ads

Instagram advertising is one of the digital marketing strategies. 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day. 81% of Instagram users use the platform to research products and services.

E-mail Ads

E-mail marketing or newsletter marketing is used to promote products and services by sending informative and promotional messages via electronic mail.


We have developed innovative solutions and projects for our clients. Services include website design, technical maintenance, updating, SEO optimization, and ongoing support.

About us

A colourful agency with big ideas. Our differences combine to create a completely unique form of creative expression. From concept to completion, we are there for you.

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The client must receive good value for money. The price point should be appropriate for the effort, time, knowledge, and quality of the service. Each client is approached in a professional and transparent way.

This is our vision

“Created by originality and based on results” is our vision.

Our goal is to make you and your company happy, successful, and satisfied!

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